Permanent Magnetic Materials
Sm-Co series Widely used in industries of space and aviation, maritime, railway transportation, electronic instruments, information and communication, oil geophysical, mechanical and electrical products and so on.
Shielding and magnetic analysis
Shielding and magnetic analysis Capable to produce various types of high precision magnetic shielding and electromagnetic shielding devices and shielding room. Static magnetic shielding specifications: 50000 nT magnetic field could be shielded to less than 1 nT.
magnetic fluids and magnetorheological fluids
It is very stable in the gravity field, magnetic field, and centrifugal force field. Solid-liquid combination is good. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, instruments, machinery, metallurgy, environmental protection and health care. At present the most frequently use is the application of various dynamic sealing, lubrication, shock absorption, and so on
GMR film and GMR sensor
GMR film and GMR sensor have characteristics such as high sensitivity, high temperature stability, small size and low power consumption. They can be used for the development of high sensitivity, small size magnetic sensor devices and other derivatives.
target material
Sputtering Target with high-performance series are used for large area magnetron sputtering, decorative and wear-resistant coatings, computer diskettes, CD-ROMs, large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, metal film resistor coating. The products shapes are like a disk, ring, cylindrical and rectangular, and so on.
Powered nozzle series
Co-based alloys GH5188, Co50, nickel-based alloys GH3128, GH3600, GH3652 and Fe-Ni-based alloys GH180 high temperature corrosion resistance nozzle are widely used in petrochemical, power plant and other locomotive devices.