CHINA IRON & STEEL RESEARCH INSTITUTE GROUP (CISRI) was founded in December 2006 under the approval of SASAC. CISRI is mergered by former Central Iron & Steel Research Institute and Automation Research and Design Institute of Metallurgical Industry, with its assets totaled 6.6 billion Yuan RMB in 2006.

As one of the first 103 pilot innovative enterprises in China, CISRI has been serving as the R&D base for metal materials, the innovation base for key technology in metallurgical industry, and the authoritative agency for metallurgical analysis and test. It boasts more than 5000 scientific research achievements, among which 293 were honored with national awards, and 1035 were honored with provincial scientific awards, as well as 783 granted patents.

CISRI also has 10 National Engineering Research Centers, including National Engineering Research Center of Advanced Steel Technology, National Engineering Research Center of Continuous Casting Technology, National Amorphous & Nanocrystalline Alloy Engineering Research Center, and National Engineering Research Center of Metallurgical Industry Automation and so on.

With the goal of promoting scale business, larger projects and international products, CISRI has been developing rapidly in the new materials industry, automation technology, engineering technology and analysis and testing equipment industry. It has initiated two listed enterprises, namely Advanced Technology and Materials Co., Ltd. and Beijing AriTime Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., as well as a number of high-tech enterprises such as New Metallurgy Hi-tech Group Co., Ltd. and Gaona Materials & Technology Co., Ltd.

CISRI is qualified for domestic and international commercial trading, and is successful in operating both as an agent and as a trader in steel products and other related materials.