Corporate Strategy CISRI is the largest comprehensive R&D and high-tech industrialized institution in China’s metallurgical industry.
  • Material Technology Leader

    CISRI has achieved domestic leading and world-class technical advantages in the research and development, preparation technology,

  • Individual Champion in the Segmented Field

    Focusing on specific segmented market, CISRI pursues international leading production technology or process, and the market share of its individual products is in the forefront of the world. CISRI cultivates enterprise with great driving effect on the ups

  • Bilateral Market Communicator

    CISRI joins the supply chain system of material users, and provides technical support for material preparation and application. It has become a bridge connecting the supply side and the demand side, and dominates the bilateral market of material users and

  • Integrated Service Provider

    CISRI provides target customers with full-life cycle solutions coving the variety development, preparation, testing and evaluation, standard certification, maintenance, greening, intelligence, cyclic utilization and other areas of materials.