Graduate Study CISRI is the largest comprehensive R&D and high-tech industrialized institution in China’s metallurgical industry.

The graduate study of the Central Iron & Steel Research Institute began in the 1960s. After China resumed graduate admission in 1978, the Central Iron & Steel Research Institute was one of the first research institutes to enroll graduates and had the right to confer doctoral degrees and master’s degrees. The Graduate Department was established in August 1982, and the Graduate Institute was established in 2012.

At present, it has 2 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points (materials science and engineering and metallurgical engineering), 3 first-level discipline master’s degree authorization points (materials science and engineering, metallurgical engineering and chemistry), and 2 first-level discipline scientific research mobile stations (materials science and engineering and metallurgical engineering). It has established post-doctoral scientific research stations with many enterprises.

TheCentral Iron & Steel Research Institutehas unique advantages incultivatinggraduate students. It has high-quality supervisor team, high-level innovation platform and research projects with high starting point. At present, it has 19 national centers and institutions and 4 common R&D platforms. It has undertaken a large number of military supporting projects, GF basic scientific research, national key research and development plans, National Natural Science Foundation of China and other vertical scientific research projects. Regarding living conditions, in addition to the national stipends and “three-aid” allowances, graduate students are also given a fixed monthly living allowance during their study. In addition, there are a variety of special scholarships: study scholarships, scientific research and innovation scholarships, naming scholarships and other special scholarships and awards.

We warmly welcome young aspiring people from all over the country to apply for master’s degree and doctoral degree of our research institute.

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