CISRI Carries Out 3D Residual Stress Neutron Characterization Experiments for 350km/h Domestic High-speed Train Wheels for the First Time

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Recently,cooperating withChinaInstitute ofAtomicEnergy,MetalandChemistryResearchInstituteofChina Academyof Railway Sciences, Central South University,Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., etc., and relying on China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR) engineering stressspectrometer,the team led by Academician Wang Haizhou fromCISRIcompleted3Dstressfieldlossless characterizationforthe full-scale domestic wheel deep part of350km/hFuxinghigh-speedtrainfor the first time, which effectively supports the quality reliability and service security appraisal of wheels of high-speed train.


As the sole component where the train is in contact with the track, the wheels of high-speed train suffer complicated load stress effect during operation and are directly related to the operation security of the train.Running through the full life circle of structural design, processing, manufacturing and service of wheels, the residual stress of wheels is one of key factors that result in mentalfatigue, therefore its accurate appraisal is crucial. Cooperating with the units of industry, university, research, application, inspection and recognition in the full industrial chain of high-speed train wheels, adhering to the guidance idea of taking quality appraisal as guide, standards as basis, data as support, establishing complete standard system by using innovative characterization methods, and combining with compared appraisal of domestic and imported high-speed train wheels, the team led by Academician Wang Haizhou carried out complete, systematic and objective appraisal for the design reasonability, quality conformity, process stability and service applicability of high-speed train wheel products in China, whose results show that the independent wheel technology and quality level in China are not less than those of the like products at abroad.


In this experiment, upon repeated discussions on the scheme withChinaInstitute ofAtomicEnergy,MetalandChemistryResearchInstituteofChina Academyof Railway Sciencesand other teams, and based on CARR engineering stress spectrometer, CISRI firstly built a special rack for full-scale high-speed train wheel characterization in China, successfully, effectively and accurately completed the residual stress appraisal for full-scale domestic and imported wheel deep part, and accumulated precious practical experience for CARR pile and Chinese spallation neutron source to continue to carry out systematic appraisal in the next step, which is hopeful to provide high-speed train wheel appraisal system with new criterion, so as to promote the independent innovative safe operation of high-speed train wheels and the research and development of higher-speed level wheels in future in China.